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Pasta with Scallops, Pancetta & White Wine/Cream Sauce

Having recently come off a gluten-free-stint, I was craving pasta with cream sauce one day while at Sobeys. I had recently bought some fresh tagliatelle and was excited to make something with it. It often happens that I decide what … Continue reading

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In the Kitchen: Challah Bread

I’ve always found the concept of bread-making rather intimidating. Many Newfoundlanders bake their own bread or are accustomed to seeing their parents and grandparents do so. Having never had this experience, I was always fascinated by the idea but a … Continue reading

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Staying Warm: Red Lentil Soup

Finding myself stranded at home due to a run-in with a snow drift at the edge of my driveway, I thought I’d share this lovely soup recipe that my mom and I made together when we were in Ottawa this … Continue reading

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Flourless Chocolate Brownies

I was looking for some gluten-free dessert inspiration and stumbled upon this blog post by Gluten Free Gal. This is a delicious chewy brownie recipe! Sorry for the lack of pictures – I ate all the brownies before I could … Continue reading

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Drink of the Week – Breakfast Smoothie

You’ve heard it before: “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” If you’re like me, however, you wake up late every single morning and barely have time to dress yourself before leaving the house. I’ve never been an … Continue reading

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Drink of the Week – The Manhattan

We’re pleased to introduce a new weekly feature on the East Coast Foodie: every Thursday we will be featuring a drinkable recipe suggestion. After all, Friday is only a day away – what better way to get geared up for … Continue reading

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Mussels with White Wine and Cream Sauce

Here at the East Coast Foodie, we believe in whole foods. I’m not talking about an expensive American grocery store chain, either! I’m talking whole milk, real butter and 35% cream! A little bit of the real stuff goes a … Continue reading

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