Delicious Local Lettuce!

Lettuce rejoice – spring is here!

I’m so happy that this season has brought us lots of sunny days and warm weather, a welcome change after last year’s 70 days of rain. Welcome back, sun!

Despite the clouds and raindrops that made their appearance today, I headed out to two of my fave groceries: Belbin’s and Food For Thought. I was excited to find that The Organic Farm has started selling their lettuce and spinach for the year at both of these shops (deliveries are Wednesdays and sometimes Saturdays at Food For Thought). Also: I have discovered that The Lettuce Farm, a local indoor grower, sells their delicious lettuce at Belbin’s.

If you’re like me and you LOVE a good salad, I strongly recommend trying these lettuces! TLF’s is to diiiie for with its big, sumptuous, buttery leaves. I snagged a bag of TOF’s spinach and can’t wait to try it. Nothing makes one feel more virtuous than salad, no?

photo by Flickr user psd

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