Sweet Love Bake Shoppe

Last week, some friends and I attended the “Cupcakes and Greeting Cards” event at The Paperie in St John’s. The cupcakes were made by the Sweet Love Bake Shoppe, a local small business working out of a home kitchen.

What a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon! Laura, Kim and I bought one of each flavour (plus a few extras!) and decided to have a cupcake tasting. It was a beautiful, sunny day… a perfect occaision to share some treats among friends.

The flavours that were available to try last Saturday were: Vanilla Love, Chocolate Love, Coconut Lime Corruption, Red Velvet Romance, Cookies and Dream, Chocolate Mo’mints and Orange Chocolate Crush.

First of all, the cupcakes are absolutely beautiful. Each one is hand-made in a home kitchen, and each one is picture-perfect, right down to the hand-made chocolate hearts on top.

The texture is light and fluffy and the icing is both decorative and delicious. My experience is that there is often an inverse relationship between the prettiness of icing and its yumminess. However, Sweet Love has found a way to marry the best of both worlds. You would NEVER guess that these cupcakes are vegan and cholesterol/trans-fat free (apparently only the Red Velvet is a minor exception to this). They are truly the best cupcakes I have had in the city.

We all agreed that the Chocolate Mo’mint’s was delicious… too often, chocolate-mint confections seem to shy away from minty flavour, but this was not the case with Sweet Love’s cupcake. When asked to pick favourites, however, Red Velvet won the gold medal from all three tasters! Here are our top picks:

Kim’s Favourites:
• Red Velvet
• Chocolate Mo’mint
• Cookies & Dream
Comments: Also loved the very chocolate-y “Chocolate Love” cupcake, and meeting the very friendly people who made them!

Laura’s Favourites:
• Red Velvet
• Chocolate Love
• Cookies and Dream
Comments: Also loved the punchy mint flavour of Chocolate Mo’mint, and how each cupcake is beautifully made.

Christine’s Favourites:
• Red Velvet
• Coconut Lime Corruption
• Cookies and Dream
Comments: Beautiful and delicious… Can’t wait to try these again!

For more info on the Sweet Love Bake Shoppe, see our previous blog post or visit their Facebook page.

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1 Response to Sweet Love Bake Shoppe

  1. Sofia says:

    These look delicious and like they have just the right amount of frosting. Am hungry now!

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