New on the Scene: Rocket Bakery and Fresh Food

It’s the moment many of us have been waiting for! Rocket Bakery and Fresh Food opened its doors last week on Water Street.

Located in the former home of the much-loved Auntie Crae’s, a long-established favourite among locals and visitors, this newcomer to the St John’s food scene has a lot to live up to. From what we can tell, they are off to a rockin’ start!

Available at this new foodie destination are several of the staples that we all came to rely upon from its predecessor: fresh breads, pastries, coffee (which has been christened with the clever nickname “Rocket Fuel”), salads and soups. Gourmet dried goods are also available and include organic teas and specialty honey – they plan to flesh out their selection as they receive requests and feedback from customers.

The team at Rocket have expressed an interest in serving a community of people who appreciate well-prepared and good quality foods. Like Auntie Crae’s before them, they plan to offer fine teas, condiments and sauces that are imported or otherwise difficult to find. Other specialty groceries, like Belbin’s and Food for Thought, exist in a similar vein. Where Rocket has a chance to stand out, I think, will be in their capacity to also provide excellent, freshly-made foods to those who have an interest in eating locally and eating well.

Chocolate cupcakes with raspberry icing at Rocket

I can personally vouch for the excellence of their croissants: the pain au chocolat in particular is absolutely divine. They have secured the services of a former Georgetown Bakery expert in this position and I can’t wait to go back to try more of their delicious-looking breads! Alas, however, the chocolate cupcake with raspberry icing left something to be desired – it had an uncanny black colour and lacked flavour. But it’s early yet, and I think the foundations have been laid here for a new bakery-to-be reckoned-with.

The environment at Rocket is warm and welcoming. Set in a gorgeous heritage building, the place has a sense of history about it and also feels new and fresh. Devotees of Auntie Crae will appreciate that many of the fixtures, including the seating area, have been carried forward into the new business. It’s a friendly and fun-loving environment and a pleasure to visit.

Right now, Rocket is encouraging customers to make suggestions and requests as they build their business with our needs in mind. I think this shows a great respect for their community and the tastes of its members, don’t you? Drop by, enjoy a croissant, leave a suggestion – let’s help build this great new resource for our food-loving town!

I think we can call Rocket’s “launch” (couldn’t help myself, sorry!) a success and I look forward to watching it soar to new heights! Have you checked it out yet?

Visit Rocket’s website at

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