Tea Time

It might be “roll up the rim” season, but my favourite place to get a hot cup of tea is still from my own kettle – using the lovely teas from Britannia Teas on Water Street.

I just adore going into this boutique and choosing some new teas to try. Black tea, green, white or herbal… organic, decaf or fair trade… whatever your favourite, they have it all! All of the teas are loose-leaf and each is presented in a little canister so you can see and smell the leaves before buying.

ECF Favourites:
Spearmint: it has a delightful, refreshing flavour… a breath of fresh air and a nice change from the more commonly-seen peppermint variety.
Lady Hannah’s Whole Fruit: it’s real pieces of dried fruit! Delicious, with a beautiful ruby colour.
Decaf Sencha: for those Zen moments.
Earl Grey Organic: A flavourful pick-me-up.
– And there are many more flavours I have yet to try!

Of course, it’s hard to resist the other goodies for sale as well. They have a small selection of gourmet candies, jams and sauces – and fun tea accessories, too.

Hot, iced, with a lemon twist, with a good book, with a cookie (or four)… what’s your favourite way to enjoy a cup of tea?

Colourful cream and sugar dishes

Some down-home flavour


More fun tea-time accessories!

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4 Responses to Tea Time

  1. Angus says:

    Yes! I’m totally with ya about the Spearmint tea. You don’t even have to be a twin to enjoy it.

  2. Johanne says:

    What a beautiful little tea shop! It’s such a pretty window display and it keeps getting better inside with those jars of delightful candies and all the tasty teas.

    I’ve also been drinking peppermint tea this past winter- I love it with a piece of banana & chocolate-chip cake ;).

  3. mike says:

    The Livingstone Breakfast is some of the best tea I’ve ever had with milk, very yummy. Johanne, where can we find the recipe for your banana & chocolate chip cake?

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