Drink of the Week: Hétszölö Tokaji Aszú

I had the pleasure of trying this beautiful wine last weekend and wanted to share it with all of you. Planning a dinner party soon? Looking for a wine to pair with dessert or to finish off the meal? Look no further than today’s Drink of the Week.

Tokaji (usually pronounced Toe-kah-ee in English) wines are produced in Hungary – they are so highly-prized that they are even mentioned in the country’s national anthem, whose lyrics include the phrase (roughly translated): “on Tokaj’s vine stalks you have dripped nectar.” A fitting ode to this sweet, dessert-type wine.

Any wine produced in the Tokaj-Hegyalja region of Hungary can be given the name “Tokaji,” which is literally translated as “from Tokaj.” However, in North America, this term is usually used to describe the sweeter wines called “aszú” which are made using a type of fungus (called Botrytis cinerea). When grapes are touched by this beneficent organism, they become endowed with the ability to make sweet delicious wine such as the one we’re featuring today.

The 2001 Hétszölö Tokaji Aszú has a beautiful amber colour and boasts hints of apricot, honey and walnuts. It can be enjoyed alone or paired with foie-gras, blue cheese, or dessert (my personal favourite).

We paired it with my fiancé’s delicious chocolate mousse and enjoyed it immensely. I hope you will, too!

Cheers – have a great weekend!

Available at the Newfoundland and Labrador Liquor Corporation for $54.

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4 Responses to Drink of the Week: Hétszölö Tokaji Aszú

  1. Sofia says:

    I adore dessert wines! Great way to finish a meal 🙂

  2. Stefan Potoczny says:

    I too loved the wine that night!!!!

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