Raymonds Restaurant: Putting St John’s on the Culinary Map

Chef Jeremy Charles of Raymonds Restaurant, won the silver medal this month at the Gold Medal Plates Canadian Culinary Championship!

The Canadian Culinary Championship (or “CCC”) invites the top chefs from the Gold Metal Plates provincial competitions across the country to participate in a weekend of competitive cooking. This year’s event was held last weekend in Kelowna, BC. At the “Grand Finale,” Montreal’s Martin Juneau of Newtown restaurant won the gold medal for his showing. The silver medal went to Jeremy Charles, who created an intricate dish using Newfoundland rabbit that he trapped himself. Robert Clark from Vancouver took home the bronze.

Charles also won the People’s Choice award on the first day of the event, on which the competing chefs were given a challenge: they were given an unlabelled bottle of wine and asked to create a dish to pair with it. They were allowed 24 hours and a $500 budget to create the meal for 350 people! What a feat.

A detailed description of the event can be found on the Gold Medal Plates website.

Congratulations to Jeremy Charles and the team at Raymonds! Your brilliant artistry and enlightened food-philosophy are definitely raising the bar in St John’s.

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