In the Kitchen: Challah Bread

Our finished product - Challah with poppy seeds.

I’ve always found the concept of bread-making rather intimidating.

Many Newfoundlanders bake their own bread or are accustomed to seeing their parents and grandparents do so. Having never had this experience, I was always fascinated by the idea but a little bit afraid to try it. So, when a good friend of mine invited me over to make his favourite challah recipe I jumped at the chance to learn.

Challah is a sweetish egg-bread that is often braided and usually adorned with sesame or poppy seeds. In St John’s, it can be found at Manna European Bakery & Deli on Freshwater road.

Here is a link to the recipe we used to make our delicious bread (stand-mixer with dough hook required). It was much easier than I thought! Below, you will find my photographic montage and a few tips from our bread-baking afternoon. I highly recommend trying it. There is nothing more satisfying than eating bread you’ve baked yourself!

Pounding the dough was one of the funnest steps in the process…

Action shot!

We decided to make four medium-sized loaves of bread instead of the “two large loaves” that the recipe recommends. Each loaf is made up of three braided strands, or ropes, of bread. Dividing up the dough and rolling it out brought back memories of Playdough from my childhood.

We experimented with both tighter and looser braids, and found the more tightly-braided breads had a nicer appearance once baked.

Noah showing off the fruits of our bread-making labour

Have you experimented with bread-making? What is your favourite bread to make?

Share your tips with us below!

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3 Responses to In the Kitchen: Challah Bread

  1. Sofia says:

    While living in Edinburgh, my friend Elisa would make home-made French bread and it was simply heaven! We didn’t have a mixer in the flat, so she made it by hand. Easily the best bread I’ve ever had — especially with a dab of Nutella 🙂

    • Christine says:

      Bread is very satisfying to make!

      We did ours without the mixer as well, but it was very difficult – I had just done an upper body workout that morning and my muscles were shot – good thing Noah was there to take over and use his strength to mix the dough. Next time, I’ll be whipping out my Kitchenaid!

  2. Jordana says:

    Very impressed! Must have been delicious too…I adore freshly baked bread!
    This is the recipe I use because it’s just so darn easy:
    Laura Calder’s miracle boule


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