Drink of the Week: Storm Brewing

Storm Brewing is a very small brewery based in St John’s, Newfoundland. Because they produce limited amounts of beer, and because what they do make is so darn good, their products can be hard to find in stores.

Storm’s Coffee Porter is only available in winter and in limited amounts. When I heard that my neighbourhood NLC had just put a batch out on the shelves, I couldn’t resist grabbing a few 650 mL bottles for our fridge! I usually enjoy Storm’s Island Gold Ale or a pint of The Duke’s Own (only available at the Duke of Duckworth Pub) and was curious to try this dark, mysterious brew, which is in its 11th year of production.

I’m not usually a fan of darker beers like porter and stout but Storm’s version won me over. It has a smooth finish and aromas of roasted coffee. Made with “imported black malt and dark roasted mountain grown Arabica coffee beans,” it’s a perfect winter bevvy.

Chef Stephen Vardy of Atlantica Restaurant recently featured Storm’s Coffee Porter as the beverage pairing for his entry into the Gold Metal Plates event in November, 2010. We can see why. Tonight’s food pairing at our house was vegetarian chili… slightly more modest fare, to be sure, but perfect for a winter night at home.

See Storm Brewing’s website for more info on where their beer can be found in St John’s.


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One Response to Drink of the Week: Storm Brewing

  1. Laura Hogan says:

    In my opinion, this is the best beer (Storm in general, Gold in particular) in all of NL. Besides my husband’s home brew, of course!

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