Drink of the Week – Breakfast Smoothie

photo by tico24 via Flickr

You’ve heard it before: “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” If you’re like me, however, you wake up late every single morning and barely have time to dress yourself before leaving the house. I’ve never been an early riser and I spend every morning envying those who are able to wake up at 5 am with ease. However, I manage to get in a healthy breakfast each day thanks to my breakfast smoothie recipe, a travel mug and a 20-minute morning commute.

This smoothie is great because it has no added sugar or sweetener – the banana and milk are key ingredients that add their own natural sweetness to the mix. It doesn’t require juice, either, which is really just sugar in disguise (not even the “100% fruit” juices are exempt from this, especially if they’re made from concentrate). If you prefer something a little more filling, add your favourite soy-protein powder or ground flax!

Breakfast Smoothie Recipe:

1 banana
1.5 c. frozen mixed berries (including strawberries)
0.5 c. whole milk
0.5 c. plain yogurt, 2% fat or more is recommended

Put all ingredients into blender, hit “blend” setting, run around looking for car keys until ingredients are well mixed into a smooth delicious breakfast drink. Pour frantically into portable cup and you’re ready to face the day!

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4 Responses to Drink of the Week – Breakfast Smoothie

  1. Johanne says:

    I’m a huge fan of the breakfast smoothie-!

    I find it goes down easily in the summer but I just can’t do it during the winter because it’s already cold outside and I don’t feel like drinking a cold beverage. I wish there was a warm smoothie recipe- any suggestions?

    • I agree – the smoothie can be a bit chilly and not a great option for a commute unless you’re driving. I recommend one of two things: muffins (of course!) or home-made snack bars with fruits and nuts for extra heartiness and protein. Perhaps I’ll post a warm breakfast recipe soon!

  2. Beth says:

    I made this smoothie as dessert for the two of us today (had to use that last ripe banana) and it was delicious! No need to add any sweetener!

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