New On the Scene: Chinched Bistro

Chinched Bistro is a new spot in downtown St John’s that is sure to become a favourite among locals and visitors alike.

According to the dictionary of Newfoundland English, the word “chinched” means “to stow, stuff or pack tightly; to be full.” Aptly named, as it is definitely hard to resist the creative deliciousness that chefs/co-owners Shaun Hussey and Michelle LeBlanc have to offer.

Opened in August of this year, Chinched serves up creative contemporary cuisine in a friendly, relaxed and stylish setting in downtown St John’s. Breads, sausages and desserts are all made in-house, which is a lovely touch. Dishes combine traditional and exotic flavours: crispy pork belly with coconut sticky rice, sambal honey, peanuts and cilantro is available in either a full- or half-size portion. There are classic “meat and potatoes” options as well, such as slow cooked short rib with mashed potatoes, caramelized onion jus and brussel sprouts. And the fact that the menu changes seasonally is just one more reason to visit again and again!

The bar menu, available on the main level only, offers smaller versions of most of the appetizers and entrees that are served upstairs. Sitting at the bar, you can sample almost the entire menu at Chinched by nibbling on small plates over a glass of Prosecco or a bottle of Quidi Vidi beer.

We love the playful treatments of traditional foods, simple and delicious flavour combinations and the bistro-chic flair in a warm and friendly environment. Here are some of the treats we tried from their bar menu this December – can’t wait to go back and try the new menu in January!

Keep an eye on their website, , for menu updates and events…

Prawn with brown butter, toasted almonds and capers

Celery root bisque with Granny Smith fritter and sweetened balsamic

Steamed Newfoundland mussels with chorizo, tomatoes and fennel

Chinched Bistro bread pudding with golden raisins, almonds and Molasses Coady

Acadian sugar pie with Creme Anglaise and apple compote

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