New On the Scene: Nourish Bakery

Yet another welcome sign of the ever-expanding food scene in Newfoundland is “Nourish,” a new bakery serving up gluten-free goodies in Paradise, NL. Having recently returned from my three month sojourn ’round the bay, and being rather hungry, I was very excited to sample what this new bakery had to offer. I was not disappointed!

Upon entering the bakery, I was pleased to see that their counter was full to bursting with special orders all packaged up and ready to go. It seems that Nourish is in high demand this holiday season and that’s not surprising: delicious, gluten-free baking is not as easy as it seems, and Nourish definitely delivers. Quality ingredients and loving preparation come at a price: a single, modestly-sized cookie goes for $2 and a small loaf of flax bread ran me $8.75. An approximately 8″ x 11″ flatbread was $8. I made off with a cookie and the flax loaf and couldn’t even wait to get out of the parking lot before taking a bite!

The cookie: dried cranberries and just a hint of coconut.

The cookie was delicious, even by gluten-full standards. The danger of baking without gluten is that the product is often crumbly and/or grainy in texture, but this was not the case with Nourish’s cookie. The flax bread was equally tasty. All in all, I was definitely impressed. If you have gluten-free friends in the city, they will adore this new bakery. Be sure to stop by early in the day, as this popular spot will sell out of many items by the time lunch hour rolls around.

Flax loaf from Nourish

Nourish bakery at 1304 Topsail road in Paradise, Newfoundland

Next blog post: we love to try new things! Stay tuned for a review of our dinner at Chinched, a new bistro in St John’s.

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